Crochet Literature Junkie

I was so happy to receive an Amazon gift card for my birthday. I immediately retrieved the list of crochet books I have been wanting to buy. Amazon told me my order will be shipped anywhere between June 20 and July 8. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will get here in a timely and safely manner. Did I mention I’m very impatient when it comes to my crochet??! I will be posting a review of these books hopefully sooner than later.

1. Mollie Makes Crochet: 20+ Cute Projects for the Home I love the magazine so I have high hopes for the book. Although some of the reviewers didn’t seem too pleased, most of them were very seasoned crocheters. A somewhat beginner like myself will hopefully find the book more useful.


2. Granny Squares: 20 Projects With a Vintage Vibe I was sold by Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. Although I did not see in the reviews that the patterns are in UK until after I bought it, I think I would have bought it anyway. One of my favorite bloggers, Lucy of Attic 24, uses UK terms in her patterns but the short time it takes to translate (if she hasn’t already done so) is totally worth it! I cannot wait to make the pillow covers from this book.


3. Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide This will probably be the most used out of the three. I’ve heard it called the crocheter’s bible. Patterns galore!


Let me know if you have any helpful hints on these books.


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