Front or back? Please help!

I have been making progress on my Jolly Chunky Bag. I am really loving working with this chunky, oh so soft yarn for my first crochet bag. Even though this will not matter for a few more rounds, I cannot figure out which side will be on the outside of the bag (the side everyone will see). I have zoomed in as far as I can on the tutorial photos and read all about right and wrong side/front and back, etc. Some information says it is totally up to the crocheter which side will show as long as it isn’t a special stitch. If so, I will have a hard time deciding since I like both sides. On one side, the stitches are a little puffier, and on the other side the stitches are flatter and have a woven look. It is really bugging me since I don’t know which sides to put my loose ends on. If you have any advice that would be great!


This is the “puffy” side.


And this is the flatter side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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