First Popcorn Project


I posted about my first successful popcorn stitches a while back and here is what it turned into. The potholder pattern came from the Mollie Makes Crochet book and I think it has to be my favorite thing I’ve crocheted thus far. It was so fun to make, although a little time consuming. I love the way the colors turned out! I will definitely be using this color sequence in a future, possibly larger, project. I’m already picturing other color possibilities for this potholder…possibly the main color a light pink with white bobbles??

New “Dailies”

I have added a couple new fun things to my daily routine. The first is a five year memory book my mom got me for Christmas. When I was younger I had time to keep a journal with long daily entries but not so much anymore. That is why I loooove this memory book. You write one line a day each day for five years. I can’t look back on previous year’s memories yet since this is the first year I’ve written it it, but it will be neat to do.


The second thing I’ve started is crocheting one square a day. I started out wanting to make a mood blanket for 2015 but then realized I sometimes do not like to look back on my moods. Although I’m sure my mood will influence the color choice for the day, I’m not going to have a color scheme pinpointing each mood. It will end up as a patchwork granny square blanket. I used The Purl Bee’s Classic Granny Square Pattern to make a six round, one color square. I chose to use a smaller hook since I tend to crochet loosely. I really hope to stick to it. This will be my first granny square blanket!

I have been enjoying the snow here in WV…it gives me more of a reason to stay inside with my yarn. My black lab Stella and I have spent all morning cuddling on the couch. (I think she’s enjoying it also 😉 ).


Popcorn for Dinner

I’m very proud to announce that I have successfully made my first popcorn stitches. New to crochet, I will probably be trying “new” stitches for a while. One small step for crochet, one giant leap for Kelsey! These stitches are the start of a neat potholder from the Mollie Makes Crochet book. I will hopefully be sharing the finished product in a couple of days.


Eating in Style

I wanted to crochet a baby shower gift for a friend but I didn’t have a lot of time to finish it. Since I didn’t have enough time to crochet a blanket I looked for a smaller project, something small but useful. I started to make a little toboggan then realized it wouldn’t be of much use since the weather will be getting warmer by the time the baby arrives. Then I came across a pattern for a beautiful bib on Ravelry. It was perfect for the project I was looking for. Paired with a matching outfit from the store it will be darling. I will definitely be using this for future gifts and hopefully future children.

If you want to make one of Sonea Delvon’s Round Baby Bib’s the pattern is available here for free. Instead of making the thick strap from the pattern, I made a thinner one that is tied instead of buttoned. I just made 50 ch on each side and ss back down each.


I have a bad habit of just starting in on a project before even reading halfway through it. This time it worked out in my favor since it made me conquer my fear of charts. Fear? I don’t know why I shied away from projects because they included a chart vs written instructions. They (or this one was) are so simple to read.


Resolutions & Late Holiday Post

My New Year’s resolution is to blog at least twice a week. I started blogging last year and it made me very happy, but then busy life got to me. If something makes you happy, why not take time out of your busy schedule to fit it in?

In other exciting news, I have signed up for all of next years local holiday craft shows. I go to them every year but just now feel confident enough to sell. After crocheting for over a year now I feel I am making good quality work people would want to buy and am simply going to make things I enjoy making. Along with crocheted items, I am making waterless snow globes I became obsessed with last holiday season. Here’s a little peek at a couple of my favorites so far. Some are big jars and others are teeny tiny jars for ornaments. They are so simple and fun to make!



During the holidays and on my two week break from work I took a breather from my bigger blanket project and made some fun little ornaments. Can’t you just imagine a tree full of crocheted ornaments? Next year I may have to display a mini tree just with crocheted goodness. I have linked you to the patterns and tutorials for these four adorable ornaments. I know, I know the Christmas trees are down, but these can be hung anywhere. I know my mandala ornament will be hanging around the house year round.



1. Gorgeous Mandala Inspired Ornament by AnooCrochet Designs

2. Hot Cocoa Mug Ornament by Frayed Not

3. Owl Ornament by Drops Design

4. Mini Snowman by Dapper Toad

Best wishes! It has been very cold here in West Virginia. I know I will be spending my evenings snuggled on the couch with a hook and ball of yarn.

—Kelsey 🙂