When I Learn to Knit


I have only been crocheting for a little over a year, so I don’t think I’m quite ready to learn to knit yet, but I know I will be sometime in the near future. When that time comes I will be prepared thanks to my wonderful grandpa. He’s a treasure hunter like myself and was the one who showed me the joy of finding a bargain. We used to shop yard sales all the time when I was young. Every time I visit he always has a pile of treasures for me. At Goodwill the other day he found me a whole load of knitting needles, yarn, and thread for $3!!

Along with the needles came a box of various tan and light pink yarn, which can be washed and used. Somebody bought yarn for a project and never finished?? Until the day I learn to knit these lovely vintage needles will be shown off in a mason jar. 🙂


4 thoughts on “When I Learn to Knit

  1. I learned to knit before crocheting but I’m not very good at it, I have nerve damage in both arms which makes it difficult to hold the needles and complete the stitches properly. I’m lucky enough to have my Nan’s needles I’m trying to build up the strength to use them properly, until then crochet is the only way. Love that yarn looks so pretty ! Can’t wait to see what you make with it when you start learning xxxx


    • Thanks for commenting. I hope you are well enough to start knitting again soon. I have heard some say knitting is harder than crochet and others say the opposite. I am very curious to find out :)…will hopefully be posting an update sometime in the near future. 🙂


  2. That looks like an impressive collection of needles. I hope you start using them very soon. It’s fun being able to knit AND crochet because you can make pretty much anything. Enjoy. 🙂


    • Thanks! It was an exciting find. I have decided that if I haven’t learned by the time winter rolls around again that will be the time. It’ll be easier to sit inside and learn when I’m not missing this beautiful weather 🙂


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