2017 Organized

I’ve always oohed and aahhed at the fancy planners and all the cool stickers I’ve seen online. Most of the ones I looked up cost $50 plus. I always said maybe someday and stuck with one of the neater $10 ones at Walmart. You can imagine my excitement when I walked into Michael’s today and they had a whole wall of planners and stickers and cool accessories. That was only a piece of the excitement. The other was the big $10 doorbuster sign for today only. Whatt??! The boxed set was $10. I chose the holiday version which has holiday themed pages and dividers, and I bought an extra pack of stickers. Consider 2017 organized! If you’d like to get your own it’s called The Happy Planner by Create 365. I would’ve still paid the original price–$35–well worth it.

Check out their awesome website. Tons of neat ideas for staying organized!

Just a glimpse at some of the pages.. 

Woohoo..I learned to knit (sort of)

I shared my knitting needle thrift store haul in an earlier post. Actually my grandpa had picked them up thinking they were crochet hooks. He’s actually done this twice and I’ve yet to get thrifted crochet hooks. This was totally fine with me since I always said that would be motivation to learn. I saved them for two years and would look at them every now and then.

Well, today I worked up the courage. I usually go with written tutorials, but they weren’t making any sense so I went to YouTube and clicked the first tutorial that popped up. I watched Absolute Beginner Knitting by Expression Fiber Arts about 5 times, and probably started my first row of stitches about 10 times. I was happy when I had semi successfully made 3 rows of stitches. The real inspiration for spending two hours on the couch for one teeny tiny swatch is socks. I’m so jelly of the pictures of knitted socks that keep popping up everywhere. And I already have a ball of sock yarn waiting..I just need some more practice first (and to figure out the weird thing that keeps happening with my slip knot..can it count like a stitch in crochet? Hmm..).