2017 Organized

I’ve always oohed and aahhed at the fancy planners and all the cool stickers I’ve seen online. Most of the ones I looked up cost $50 plus. I always said maybe someday and stuck with one of the neater $10 ones at Walmart. You can imagine my excitement when I walked into Michael’s today and they had a whole wall of planners and stickers and cool accessories. That was only a piece of the excitement. The other was the big $10 doorbuster sign for today only. Whatt??! The boxed set was $10. I chose the holiday version which has holiday themed pages and dividers, and I bought an extra pack of stickers. Consider 2017 organized! If you’d like to get your own it’s called The Happy Planner by Create 365. I would’ve still paid the original price–$35–well worth it.

Check out their awesome website. Tons of neat ideas for staying organized!

Just a glimpse at some of the pages.. 

5 thoughts on “2017 Organized

  1. That would SO help soothe my organizational obsession 😝 actually quite a lot πŸ˜‚ and what a bonus – i love LOVE stickers and lists and ribbons and bits n bobs. SO jealous! πŸ˜‰


  2. This looks amazing! And congrats to you for finding a great deal! πŸ€— I’m interested in these planners for sure… thank you for sharing, and may you have a happy and organized 2017. 😊


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