Post-Christmas Stressfree Crafting

I found a unique Pom Pom color mix at my local craft store last week, and I’d been debating what to do with them. As I was looking for something easy and simple to do this evening, I had a bag of cinnamon pine cones from Christmas (I never put out) and remembered seeing pictures of Pom Pom pine cone ornaments. As you can see, I didn’t hang them on a tree but found a perfect spot on my new knick knack shelf I bought at a craft show last month. I’ve been trying to fill it with the perfect arrangement of pretty little things and these pine cones make the perfect addition.

This would be a great craft for your kiddos. I used a hot glue gun, but I’m sure any type of craft glue would work. Or if you’re an adult like me looking for a simple, yet very adorable, craft after all of your sweat and labor over Christmas gifts, this is for you!


-Pine cones from the store or your back yard. I got my bag of cinnamon scented from Walmart over the holidays.

-Smaller Pom poms (so they can fit in the gaps). My assortment came from Pat Catans and say 10 mm.

-Hot glue (or regular Elmers should work for little ones)

-String or ribbon if you wish to hang them

Directions: Simply glue the Pom poms in the gaps of the pine cone. (Yes, that’s it). Make sure the pine cone is facing the way you want it to before gluing. I did mine with the flat part on the bottom so they could sit up on their own. I liked sticking the poms all in the gaps before gluing so I could plan a nice assortment. If you are hanging yours, tie a piece of string or ribbon tightly around the thick “stem” at the top or wind around the top of the pine cone before tying. 

New Year, New WIP

This past year has been one of the busiest I’ve had. I was blessed with my first full time teaching position (I’d only been a substitute up until then), so the majority of my time has been devoted to thirtern 6 year olds. One of the perks of being a teacher is holiday breaks. I’ve used this time wisely–reflecting, relaxing, and spending time with my numerous hobbies. Of course, most of this time has been spent with a crochet hook and yarn. I got out the blanket I’m about a quarter of the way through, and I just wasn’t happy with the colors. Maybe I’ll get it out in the future and want to finish it, but right now I needed something I could truly enjoy and be excited about (and pour my heart and soul into for a week). Sooo I started a much simpler blanket (rows of double crochet) with happy colors. And let me tell you I have enjoyed these post-holiday snuggles on the couch with my fur baby hooking up row after row. It is going to be a fairly large blanket, big enough to fit me and the Mister. It lays almost all the way across our queen size bed. 

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday as much as I am!

Best $3 Ever Spent


I have a confession: I have a MAJOR weakness for the bargain bins at Target, Walmart, etc. When they put their Valentines Day stuff out I was in heaven with all the cute (and cheap) crafts and printed notepads. I found a Shrink Art bracelet kit for $3. I didn’t get my hopes up because we all know cheap doesn’t mean quality. I took a shot at coloring and shrinking the beads this evening and I was very impressed. It was so much fun watching them shrink in the oven! The only problem I had was getting the marker to stick in some places, but I will definitely be on the lookout for more of these kits.





I decided not to make the bracelets the kit was intended for, but I did use some of the materials to make bookmarks with my three favorite beads. I still haven’t decided what to do with the rest…maybe make some stitch markers. Let me know if you have any ideas! 🙂

Eating in Style

I wanted to crochet a baby shower gift for a friend but I didn’t have a lot of time to finish it. Since I didn’t have enough time to crochet a blanket I looked for a smaller project, something small but useful. I started to make a little toboggan then realized it wouldn’t be of much use since the weather will be getting warmer by the time the baby arrives. Then I came across a pattern for a beautiful bib on Ravelry. It was perfect for the project I was looking for. Paired with a matching outfit from the store it will be darling. I will definitely be using this for future gifts and hopefully future children.

If you want to make one of Sonea Delvon’s Round Baby Bib’s the pattern is available here for free. Instead of making the thick strap from the pattern, I made a thinner one that is tied instead of buttoned. I just made 50 ch on each side and ss back down each.


I have a bad habit of just starting in on a project before even reading halfway through it. This time it worked out in my favor since it made me conquer my fear of charts. Fear? I don’t know why I shied away from projects because they included a chart vs written instructions. They (or this one was) are so simple to read.


Crochet Literature Junkie

I was so happy to receive an Amazon gift card for my birthday. I immediately retrieved the list of crochet books I have been wanting to buy. Amazon told me my order will be shipped anywhere between June 20 and July 8. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will get here in a timely and safely manner. Did I mention I’m very impatient when it comes to my crochet??! I will be posting a review of these books hopefully sooner than later.

1. Mollie Makes Crochet: 20+ Cute Projects for the Home I love the magazine so I have high hopes for the book. Although some of the reviewers didn’t seem too pleased, most of them were very seasoned crocheters. A somewhat beginner like myself will hopefully find the book more useful.


2. Granny Squares: 20 Projects With a Vintage Vibe I was sold by Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. Although I did not see in the reviews that the patterns are in UK until after I bought it, I think I would have bought it anyway. One of my favorite bloggers, Lucy of Attic 24, uses UK terms in her patterns but the short time it takes to translate (if she hasn’t already done so) is totally worth it! I cannot wait to make the pillow covers from this book.


3. Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide This will probably be the most used out of the three. I’ve heard it called the crocheter’s bible. Patterns galore!


Let me know if you have any helpful hints on these books.