A Real West Virginia Day

I live in the US in West Virginia…and no this does not mean the western part of Virginia. You would think US citizens would know the states of their own country, but I will admit when traveling and making conversation, I have had quite a few people (maybe 4 or so?) not know that West Virginia is an actual state. I applaud those that do. There are many stereotypes about the state but I will not get into all that jazz today. It would end up being a very long post.

When I was younger I complained about growing up in WV, dreaming of living in a large busy city, but as I have gotten older I have learned to enjoy the beauty of living here. I would not say I live in the country, but it is considered rural, and those who are used to big cities would probably feel as if they were out in the country. The beauty of WV can be seen in the mountains, wild flowers, and long windy backroads. I love the summer days when I get to enjoy all the beauty the state has to offer. I am sharing a few snapshots of yesterday’s wonderful, picture perfect evening.


My 6 month old Labrador Retriever, Stella. I do not have any children yet so she has become my non-human child.


Stella and her best friend taking a break from playing. Luckily I got a picture before they became covered head to tail with mud. Aren’t they just so sweet?


Stella and her dad (my significant other). Every time a fish was caught both puppies tried to jump up and grab it off the line, which is to be expected coming from a lab with their long line of hunting and working ancestors.


Me and my tiny fish. We had to take pictures quick since we always throw the fish back in. In a small pond that never gets stocked, we never take the fish.

What a wonderful evening it was! The sunlight seems to go so fast when I’m enjoying myself. If you have never visited West Virginia, I would really suggest so if you are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings (that I have been so blessed with). And may I also add it is the state that Sam Trammel grew up in. :p