The Beginning of the Rest of our Lives

Ok so I posted about a year ago that I was now engaged. Fast forward to the present—we are getting married this summer (no wedding, just the two of us) and are looking for a place to live in the meantime. We have found our home!!! We have both always rented and never owned, so you can understand our excitement. I can paint the walls and decorate however I want! I am on cloud 9 planning out all the details. 

Right now we are focused on the kitchen. The walls were a dark red/burgundy color, way too dark. We wanted something light to open up the room. We started painting a couple of days ago and were so excited when it covered that dark color. We chose a pale blue—Valspar River Mist. Love it!


Here is what I am most excited about. Look at this beauty! I picked it up at an estate sale and I am so excited about it. Great condition. Will be the piece that inspires the kitchen.


Look at the view. We both decided we would not be happy to live in the city so here we are out a curvy back road. Could not be happier. Our first home! Will post updates on the redo :).