Your Trash, My Treasure

So, as I said before, I love treasure hunting, as in going to yard sales and flea markets. I don’t go, as some do, to purposely find antiques to resell. I enjoy going to simply find cute and/or vintage items for my future home. I have had great luck so far this summer.

I am sharing some of my favorites from this year. I have been playing around with a photo editing app, PicLab. It has some good free filters and overlays. What better way to test it out than on some new cutie things?!


First and foremost, a whole set of vintage Pyrex crazy daisy bowls! Snatched them up for $5…asking price on eBay $80. I think I will hold on to them for a while.


I have recently found an interest in old rolling pins, and this is the most unique one I’ve found so far. My mother found a similar one in a yard sale last summer. Can you see the little molds? Some are cute critters and some are simple designs. Each side is different. After a little research, we learned they originated in Germany. They are known as Springerle rolling pins. There are many variations. I’d love to have a whole collection.


Isn’t this pretty? I can picture it sitting on the stovetop in my future home. I believe I paid 50 cents for it. A stamp on the bottom shows it was hand painted in Portugal.


Boy do I love my trinkets! I have too too many. Right now, most are in a storage unit, but I’m thinking when I get a home I’ll have a closet to keep all of them. That way I can always be switching out my decorations and not feel the need to set everything out at once. I hate clutter!

Tell me about treasures you’ve found!